Aestelance Design Butter Texturizing Wax 2 oz

SKU: RH458


Shea butter texturizing wax.

A balance between design and conditioning. Use it to texturize, define, add sheen, control frizz and intensely condition and protect from heat and sun.


  • Excellent for sheen and frizz control.
  • Adds texture and definition.
  • Preserves moisture.
  • Exceptional conditioning qualities.
  • Good shield against humidity.
  • Delightful essential oil fragrance.
  • UV protection

Many Aestelance supporters wanted a hair wax to spike the hair, give it separation and texture, give direction and control frizz. With so many already on the market, could we do something better? We wanted to give therapeutic benefits to this product and by selecting Shea Butter as a primary ingredient we did.

How to use:

Work a small amount in palm and apply to wet or dry hair. For greater definition, apply strand by strand. To keep your hair healthy, ask your ÆSTELANCE Specialist to recommend cleanse, tone and moisturize products that are right for your hair texture, condition and style.

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