AESTELANCE, the fusion of "aesthetics" and "balance" is based on individualized care for your hair and scalp. The key word is "your" because each person's hair and scalp is unique. This "made to measure" hair and scalp care method sets itself apart from the one size fits all approach commonly found in mass-marketed products. Instead of developing products that arbitrarily focus on only one characteristic of hair, AESTELANCE takes into account the various scalp & hair conditions, textures and styling requirements. It's all about balance: well-balanced hair on a well-balanced scalp. It is keeping and having healthy, beautiful hair under the ever-changing situations caused by age, environment, styling habits and chemistry. It's trusting your hair and scalp to an AESTELANCE-trained and caring professional hairstylist and colorist to determine together which AESTELANCE products best suit your needs and wishes. Focusing on quality and not quantity, the needs of an individual and not the mass market, that is AESTELANCE.