Apply to ends of hair to protect ends from drying out during the shampoo process. Shampoo hair with specific shampoo. Hair texture and quality determines blotting. Medium-textured hair should be left a little wet. The coarser, thicker or more damaged, the more it should be blotted. Apply Protein Mask in varying quantity, depending on hair texture and degree of dryness. The thicker, coarser, drier, more damaged the hair, the more product should be used.

For an intensive treatment: put product in a small dish and apply strand by strand, in a gentle squeezing motion. Comb the hair and cover with a plastic cap and a towel (turban). Use moderate heat (dryer or heat lamps). Process for 10-60 minutes depending on the intensity desired. Rinse.

SPECIAL USE: As a Quick 5-Minute Treatment. Using the palms of the hands, work a varying quantity of product (according to texture and quality of the hair, as above) through the hair. Comb. Process for 5 minutes, uncovered. Rinse.

As a Follow-up Treatment to Intensive Repair Emulsion or Oil Complex. For very dry, very coarse hair.

As a Pre-Chemical Treatment to even porosity. Apply either as a complete treatment or use only a small amount on damaged areas and leave in.

As an End Protection for long, dry hair during shampooing. Wet hair. Work Protein mask through the ends. Shampoo.