Shampoo hair with specific shampoo. Towel dry the hair.

SHORT HAIR: Put half a teaspoon of product in a small dish. Apply sparingly to clean, towel-dried hair. Take a minute quantity of the product between the thumb and index finger and squeeze into the hair, strand by strand. When entire head is done, spray a little warm water over all the hair, gently emulsify and then comb the hair. Cover with a plastic cap and a towel (turban). Let process for 10-15 minutes under moderate heat (dryer or heat lamps). Allow to cool for a minute. Gently emulsify and rinse.

LONG HAIR: Same as above. Before covering with plastic cap, lay the hair around the head in a circular formation. Let the treatment penetrate for at least 30 minutes. Emulsify but keep friction to a minimum.

SPECIAL USE: Follow-up treatment to Intensive Repair emulsion or to Oil complex. Amplifies the effect and seals in the properties of either one.

SPECIAL RECOMMENDATION: For long hair, the results are greatly enhanced if the hair is set on smooth rollers immediately after the treatment is rinsed out. This is especially important for long hair and for more damaged hair. Never use excessive heat (above 108º). For best results, never force a comb or brush through the hair.