For an outstanding repair effect, apply repair oil before the shampoo on dry hair. Leave on for 5 min. for a quick fix or 15-30 minutes for more intensive repair. Then shampoo with a gentle hair and scalp specific shampoo. Apply Repair Cream and leave on for 5-15 minutes. Rinse out. Hair will have bounce, sheen and substance. It will feel and look great! (For a softer, silkier result, use Protein mask in place of the Repair cream.) For more intense moisturizing, spray Repair emulsion after shampoo. Then apply Repair cream and process as above.

Apply a little (you don’t need a lot) after the shampoo on damp hair and leave in. After styling, if the hair looks dry and needs more sheen, apply again but always sparingly. Use more on very dry, coarse hair.

For sun related or swimming activities, use a little Repair oil to protect the hair from drying out and color from fading.

Put 5-10 drops in a color mix to buffer the effect of the chemicals and for more protection during the color process. Apply sparingly to hair shaft as a protective shield during bleach or chemical processes.

The oils in Repair oil have an affinity for the hair fiber so they do not sit on the surface like silicone-based oils. That’s why there is an immediate improvement of dry hair.