Aestelance FI Flaky and Inflamed Scalp Shampoo

SKU: RH414


Relieves flaky and irritated scalp

Our FI Shampoo relieves an irritated and flaky scalp. We have combined vegetable proteins, amino acids, essential oils and herbal extracts to reduce flaking, ease itching and balance your scalp. Silk proteins protect against color fade and heat damage. The liquid consistency ensures even distribution to the hair and scalp. FI Shampoo is mild enough for daily use and for chemically-processed or color-treated hair.

How to use:

Gently brush hair before cleansing. Rinse hair and evenly apply FI Shampoo directly to scalp and hair. Massage gently and rinse. If little or no lather was created, repeat cleansing and rinse. To keep your hair healthy, ask your Aestelance Specialist to recommend scalp, moisture and design products that are right for your hair texture, condition and style.

-Sulfate Free

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