Aestelance Protein Mask

SKU: RH467


Conditions dry or damaged (medium to coarse) hair.

This intensive, keratin-revitalizing treatment for dry, coarse, curly or damaged hair is based on silk proteins, fatty acids, seaweed extract, and moisture-binding substances.

How to use:

Apply Protein Mask strand by strand with gentle squeezing motion onto freshly shampooed hair. Comb through. Cover with plastic cap and towel. Let penetrate 10 to 60 min under moderate heat. Emulsify. Rinse.


  • For long hair, apply to ends before shampoo.
  • For very dry, very coarse hair, use as a follow-up treatment to Repair Emulsion or Oil Complex to complement the properties of each.
  • As a quick-fix, using the palms of the hands, work through hair after shampooing. Comb. Let penetrate 5 min, uncovered. Rinse.

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