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Great Hair ‘Vitamin’!

One of my favorite products of all time…a staple that should be in every true hairstylist’s toolbox.

This is The Only Mask You’ll Ever Need!

This is consistently the best mask for my hair! My hair is somewhat fine, straight and flat on top, excessively CuRly in the back and unmanageable (ends look dried out and don’t lay properly) without the proper type of conditioning!
This mask is a dream, my hair blows out beautifully every time!

I love this spray.

My hair was very damaged from over-coloring. Additionally, my hair is finer and limper in general. This spray is truly making my hair stronger and fuller. I am so grateful for it! Using it daily has greatly improved my hair health.

I am really happy with the products

Amazing Moisturizing Conditioner

Years and years I’ve tried many conditioners. And never thought about a leave in conditioner until my hairdresser at the time put in Astelance Hydrate in my hair. That was in 2001, and thought I tried others, I go right back to this one. Having textured curly hair, and living in the city my hair needs moisture. But not a conditioner that weights down my curls. Everyone comments on how soft and good my hair looks. And yes I’m a woman of color who has tried all the black celebrity lines too. Astelance don’t ever change or this woman will be in trouble!! Or at least my hair will.

The best

This conditioner is best for thick hair..

Aestelance Protein Mask
Silvia Toscano

Aestelance Protein Mask

Aestelance AS After Swim Shampoo

Does what it claims to do

So far I am very happy with the hair is fuller and has more texture so I appear to have more hair

Aestelance AC After Color Shampoo

Mud mask has kept my hair silky and smooth

I have been using the shampoo, leave-in conditioner and mud mask for two weeks. My hair has been shiny and smooth even without blow drying.

Aestelance Mud Mask
Salli Lorri

Aestelance Mud Mask


I love the Aestelance products. I ‘ve been using them for atleast the past 10 years purchased only from my hair dresser, who passed away 7/21 Love the AC. MC & G shampoo’s for my husband. Absolutely love the protein conditioner and the protein mask.

It’s great

It makes my hair stronger and shiny


I got this in the small version first before it even finished I got the bigger size. Can't live without this ! It saved my bleached hair


This shampoo is amazing best thing I've ever used worth every penny . The mask version of this is heaven as well!

Superb product

Love this product!🤍

My husband has been using this product for years. He can’t live without it!

Aestelance Protein Mask

I absolutely love this shampoo!

I’ve used this for over 10 years. I love the liquid consistency and the applicator because you can apply it directly to your scalp and not waste any of it. It smells great and and it works amazing for oily hair and scalp. One incredible benefit that I did not expect is that it actually promotes hair growth along my hairline, where I had spots that were thinning due to a thyroid issue. My pores must have been clogged, and this solved the problem for me. Highly recommend!!

The Best!

Fabulous product! It works well as a light conditioner after I shampoo. And it gives my hair shine when I spray it on dry hair and actually makes it look just-washed. My granddaughters call it the magic detangler and love to use it too.


My favorite product you have

Aestelance Energy Leave-In Strengthener


I think it does a fantastic job at toning blondes and some med browns. Does it have a conditioner to go with it?

Very very happy