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It's Simply the BEST!

I can't imagine being without it! I just Love how it changes my hair and makes it fuller + stronger.

Aestelance Balm Leave-In Conditioner

It is a truly exceptional shampoo!

I'm fascinated by how my hair feels after using AC shampoo; Its fragrance is lovely, and the results are remarkable when used in conjunction with the Mud Mask

Aestelance Mud Mask
Billy Peepas
Rejuvenated by Mud Mask

I’ve been using Aestelance Mud Mask for many years and it is one of the best products on the market. From the finest silky hair to coarse and frizzy, it handles the job. It’s truly an amazing product everyone should have this in their routine!

Aestelance Balm Leave-In Conditioner

Lucy M.

Excellent product. I used to use the old formula nexus humectrus for leave in moisture and this is 10x better.

This product is amazing

Excellent product

Aestelance TriGel Light Hold Curl Enhancing Gel

I love this gel. It’s light and leave hair looking tidy.

It may be a good product, but it does not work for me.

Aestelance AC After Color Sulfate Free Shampoo

Aestelance Mud Mask

Excellent product. Was recommended by a professional stylist. My hair looks and feels good and healthy.


Aestelance Mud Mask
Yelena Vishnevetskiy
Best product ever

After I start using my mud mask, I stop loosing a hair as bed, my scalp no longer dry, also color stains much longer

Great product

Nice subtle scent, great product for frizzy hair.

Aestelance Mud Mask
Sheryl Flores
Amazing Mud Mask for Hair! The Best Ever

Aestelance Mud Mask was recommended to me by my stylist in Sarasota Florida. She used to style hair in New York and swore by this hair mask. I love it. I have very curly super dry hair and have tried several hair masks to rehydrate, soften and shine my hair. I found the one, there is no other like it. Thank you!


This is an excellent product. This is a great leave in conditioner

A miracle for me!

The Aestelance Calm Scalp Lotion is a life saver for me. I get a reaction when I have my hair colored and this the only thing that helps me with the itching. Its fantastic !!!

Soft Hair and Curls!

On the advice of a new hair stylist, I purchased Aestelance Shampoo, Mud Mask, Leave in Conditioner and curl gel. I love/LOVE all four products! They leave my curls and hair soft and frizz-free.

Loved the product . Recommended to all of my friends

It Works!

It was recommended by my stylist. I have used for years! I take a small bottle while traveling. Retains hair color for weeks between treatments. I highly recommend!!