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Aestelance Protein Mask

I absolutely love this shampoo!

I’ve used this for over 10 years. I love the liquid consistency and the applicator because you can apply it directly to your scalp and not waste any of it. It smells great and and it works amazing for oily hair and scalp. One incredible benefit that I did not expect is that it actually promotes hair growth along my hairline, where I had spots that were thinning due to a thyroid issue. My pores must have been clogged, and this solved the problem for me. Highly recommend!!

The Best!

Fabulous product! It works well as a light conditioner after I shampoo. And it gives my hair shine when I spray it on dry hair and actually makes it look just-washed. My granddaughters call it the magic detangler and love to use it too.


My favorite product you have

Aestelance Energy Leave-In Strengthener


I think it does a fantastic job at toning blondes and some med browns. Does it have a conditioner to go with it?

Very very happy

Balm works great

My hair dresser used the Aestelance balm on my hair which is fine and usually frizzy. Works great when used on my ends prior to blow drying.

Aestelance MC Moisturizing Shampoo

Leave in conditioner

Love this product. Makes the hair soft and provides great body

Love this leave in conditioner

Not sure why more people don’t know about this leave in conditioner. It was recommended to me at least 15 years ago and it’s still the best one I know

The best product I had for my hair . Looooooove it!!!

Great Product

I’ve use it for several months and I love it. Keeps my hair conditioned and soft.

Aestelance Protein Mask
Kadia Schrader

Awesome product, lots of moisturizer

Aestelance Mud Mask
Barbara Castellano

Excellent product.

Mud Mask

The mud mask helps with my dry, thick, curly, unruly hair.

Works miracles on my hair

I have fine, thin hair. Tri Gel gives it body and curl with no stiffness, and it stays looking great between washings. I love it!

Hair products

I love this product. It does what it says, calms the scalp. I have severe psoriasis and the coloring only exasperates it terribly I can’t tell you how much calm helps I would give it 100 stars if I could. Thank you

Aestelance BL Blonde Toning Sulfate Free Shampoo


This stuff is awesome!

Love this light leave-in conditioner!

This is the only leave-in conditioner that doesn’t weight down my thin hair.

Been using this for years.

Excellent products

I’m glad to have found such healing wonderful smelling products

Aestelance Protein Mask
Elsa Sarmiento

The protein mask is wonderful and all the products